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Anne-Marie Olczak

My recent work has been an exploration of colour, process and memory (of experience and place) distilled through the parameters of the grid. The grid offers a structure: a place to start and to explore with endless possibilities. The body of work

"Kodachrome" explores this concept fully. I turned to old family slides from the 1970s

for inspiration. These super saturated colours derived from the Kodachrome process

offered not only challenges in my personal ideas about what colours work and how

colours work, but also presented the opportunity to look back into the era that gave us these hues. It became not only a technical practice of process and colour mixing, but also a looking back with nostalgia at a childhood in the 70s and how it relates to our contemporary world.

Working in a grid has allowed me to enhance my process, it's constraints force me to think more about the paint and the surface of the canvas. I work slowly, meditatively, learning to pause and appreciating the memory associated with the colour and as well the act of painting itself. This slower process of painting has fostered a continuing desire to see just what colour can do and where it can go next.


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