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Philippe Halaburda

Philippe Halaburda is a French-born artist with more than twenty-five years of experience making abstract and colorful art about psychogeography mapping following the creative drifting process.

He graduated from college through the Art and Graphic Design School EDTA Sornas in Paris.

He primarily works with paint to make uniform color strokes done by hand into exploded compositions. Since 2019, he now includes other materials such as tape, string, or ribbon to design imaginary topographies on flat surfaces and recently on-site art installations.

His work mainly focuses on unconscious connections, interactions with our environment, and the non-human world.

"I make art about psychogeography mapping. In addition to the psychological effects of the environment on our behavior, my process delves into the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions."

The blurry boundary between perception and experience always inspired me: I am interested in the randomness crossovers in the senses (Synaesthesia) through art by imaging abstract visuals - similar to data maps - based on this subconscious and a drifting creative process.
With paintings, photos, digital works and recently NFT, I build imaginary coded and abstract algorithms taking up mental, geographic, and collective data based on the various missing links with the nonhuman world and revealing these invisible interconnections.

Exploring forms and lines in my compositions, I imagine disaggregated cartographies that reveal our social tensions and the invisible connections with the nonhuman world instead of addresses and landmarks.

It calls upon an emotional framework as a construct to bring the viewer as a participant in this experience.


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