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Yulia Ani

As an immigrant in her studio practice, Yulia embraces the subjects of
belonging and identity as a woman, mother, lover; inner and outer structures; she explores mental health states.

Abstraction gives Yulia the freedom to be both intuitive and intentional. Her works have layers upon layers of inner explorations. Just like feelings and relationships, those paintings are complex.

Color plays a significant role in her paintings. Yulia strives to find
harmonious and alluring color combinations to express emotions and
create a special atmosphere, one would want to keep experiencing.

Yulia Ani was born in 1983 in Kamchatka, Russia. Yulia has also lived in the US and France, and is currently located in Berlin, Germany.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the Moscow
University of Humanity, and her college degree in Art from SKBG Collage in Berlin.


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