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Tadasuke Jinno

What all of my works have in common is "boundaries. The boundary I refer to is the gap between the viewer's perception and the sensation that has not yet been recognized.That boundary may disappear when a slight element of uncertainty is added to the existing sensation. My aim is to connect the viewer's perception with "something" that was previously unnoticed through the experience of visual illusions and physical sensations through my work.
My artist practice is a combination of color, shape, composition, and material, expressed not only in visual paintings, but also in experiential installation art. " For me, art is a challenge to change my values and how I perceive the perspectives I had before."


Tadasuke Jinno is a New York-based visual artist from Japan whose practice includes painting and installation with various material. He came to NY in 2010, and then he went to the Art Students League of NY to study painting. Tadasuke was an artist-in-residence in 2014 at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, in 2017 at GlogauAIR in Berlin, Germany, and Zaratan AIR in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2019 at ChaNorth International Artists-in-Residency in New York and in 2020 at Crosstown Art residency in Memphis TN. He was ChaNorth Solo Show Awardee 2020. His work has been selected for the permanent collection of The Art Students League of NY.


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