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Cristiana Canzanese

Exploring the Abstract influenced by the ‘Perfect Imperfect’, the ‘Used and
Worn’, the ‘Consequences of Time’.
Cristiana grew up in Italy surrounded by Art from a very early age. In her 20s she moved to London, driven by her desire to experience the contemporary artistic scene and the energy of such an eclectic city. The freedom of expression that surrounded the city, and the dramatic scenery of the English countryside, made England her home for 18 years.
After completing a BA Degree in Fine Art, she worked for many years as an Art Technician in a very well known Art College, in North London. She deeply expanded her knowledge of printing and sculpture, whilst combining them with her love for painting. This is how the practice of her work developed even further into the creation of her ‘quadri materici’, where texture is the artist’ signature.
In addition to her art education, Cristiana also has a background in philosophy and psychology studies. After training as a Meditation and
Mindfulness Teacher, the relationship between the outer and inner worlds
have been a major influence within her work.
Influenced by the philosophy of the ‘Perfect Imperfect’, her style embraces a mystical approach. The apparent simplicity of everyday life experiences is celebrated in her work, through the use of unconventional and recycled
In her Series ‘Whisper and Scream’, Cristiana expresses the duality present in everyone’s life. Through her work the artist directs the viewer into an intimate relationship with the self, searching for the profound authenticity veiled by the many masks that life requires.
Cristiana currently lives and works in Italy, enjoying a tranquil life in the
countryside. Her Art Studio is completely surrounded by Nature, the real
muse of her insightful moments.

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