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Derek Raymond

Derek Raymond’s current work is largely informed by the rudimentary aspects of graffiti, with an emphasis on abstracting and manipulating the unrefined qualities of both vandalism and vandalism removal processes.

Writing on the wall is a tradition as old as human existence. In modern times, vandals, wanderers, lovers, protesters, city workers, business owners and others change the color of surfaces across the urban landscape with various mediums, at various times and for various reasons — eventually, continuously and unintentionally creating deep abstract compositions hidden in plain sight.

His work is a study of the visual exchanges and ongoing dialogues that live and evolve among us. These paintings are part of an ongoing body of work stimulated by involuntarily developed compositions and textures found in urban space — products of time layered with graffiti, vandalism removal, adverts, wheatpaste, and general effects of use. Derek’s most recent works include commentary on the nature and politics of career growth, relevancy, and appreciation within the modern art world — an acclamation to redefine and appreciate the works that “have not been selected.”


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