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DimaslA we form it Diana plus Alvaro.
Our work reveals a time lived through the paint flatness. Our inspiration for it emerge from the observation, thoughts and feelings about the little things of everyday life.
Events that lead to a deep interaction with the context from the personal situation, transforming our daily habits into performative actions, to reach an aesthetic experience of the common. In this way, the works emerge as testimony to a concrete situation, where color, matter, spatiality, or the absence of these, evokes the sensory experience through the simple presence of resistance.
Our work combines a variety of historical art references and influences, from Joseph Beuys and his affirmation to how life processes can be understood as a creative act, to the methods of chance in the work process of John Cage, through the action paintings of Klein, the paint flatness of Abstract Expressionism, the reductionism of Minimal Art or monochrome painting as the real presence of the artistic object.

Their career as a group began at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV, Spain), while they did the MFA in Artistic Production and specialized in Contemporary Thought and Visual Culture.
They started out with mural painting projects and interventions in specific spaces. To realize these projects, they analyzed and integrated architectural aspects and questions of the context of the place. Over time, they began to incorporate the factors they had been using in the interventions and murals into more objectual work. What led their to be present at some festivals and fairs, exhibiting their work in various solo and group exhibitions in different countries and cities.
At the same time, they have received differents awards, scholarship and distinctions such as the ‘Aid for the creation, research and artistic production in the field of Visual Arts’ of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain, among others.


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