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Marc Cheetham

Marc Cheetham studied at The Art Students League of New York. He has shown his work both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at Divisible, The Painting Center, Nancy Margolis Gallery, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, Storefront Ten Eyck, and Proto Gallery, He currently lives and works in New Jersey.

In my work, I look to counter the geometry that is present with some level of imperfection. Each shape is hand cut allowing for the hand to come in and causes slightly askew edges. This causes the shapes to not sit precisely together, but rather offer slight gaps between them which lead to interesting moments in the work.

Color is arrived at intuitively and often layered with thin washes. When building the color up, debris from the floor and sediment from the paint mixtures often make their way onto the surfaces. These small details help bring about the unrefined nature that I seek in my work.


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