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Pascale Steenkiste

Glasgow based Belgian artist, Pascale Steenkiste works with acrylics and

mixed media on canvas or wood. She is an intuitive artist and has a love for abstraction.

Pascale’s work is predominantly non-objective, it is all about “the felt

sense”. The physicality of her work means she is adding and subtracting,

adding and taking away until the final work emerges, creating depth with

colour and texture.

Her work is taken from places, experiences, emotion, memories with a big

dollop of experimentation.

Pascale has work in private collections in the UK, Canada and Belgium.

"I would call myself an experimental artist always keen to try something

new. My inspiration comes from colour, shape and texture that is all around

us. In recent times I find myself wanting more space in my paintings, a

feeling of less is more.

My first few layers are all about having fun and putting colour and texture

on, through paint or other mark making tools. I love layers as it gives a

sense of history. When you get to the final layers it is about darks and

lights, adjusting and changing but letting those original layers pop

through until you feel happy with what is in front of you.

My work is of an abstract nature with the intent for the viewer to be drawn

in for whatever reason that is important to them."


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