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Sabine Schober

Abstract artist Sabine Schober currently lives and works in Dresden (Germany). She graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden in 2021 with a diploma and has an academic background in art pedagogy, philosophy, and literature.


My paintings don’t have a specific reference point outside of themselves. Instead, I’m interested in questions and possibilities of self-referential abstract painting in a small-sized format. I focus on brushstrokes, color, materiality, surface, and spatiality, such as their interaction. There are often many layers of paint until I finish a painting and the right color tone appears.

The influence of art history plays an important role for me. I feel, for example, close to the art of minimalism, color field painting, and informal art. I try to process what I have seen (like a certain kind of color application) without losing my own language.“


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