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Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff (b. 1990) is a queer New York-based artist. His
work focuses on visually exploring the ways in which
memory and time influence visuality and the experience of
seeing. Through a careful attention to mood, tonality, texture,
and color, Huff offers intimate depictions of both real and
imagined moments and spaces, blurring the line between
where reality begins and ends. Familiar and distant, distinctive
and vague, these composition incorporate both figuration and
abstraction and result from experiences and thoughts that have
morphed over time. Excavating visual materials from life, art
history, personal encounters, imagination, and photographic
reproductions, his works bring together a myriad of visual
influences, resulting in new memories and forms of looking.
Huff graduated from Duke University with degrees in Art History
and Visual & Media Studies. His work has been shown in
numerous group exhibitions and is included in private
collections across the United States.

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