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Anne-Will Lufting

Anne-Will Lufting (1992) lives in the north of the Netherlands. In 2017, she completed her study at the Minerva Art Academy cum laude. In 2019 Anne-Will Lufting won the Talent Award for Best Artist in the province of Drenthe and in 2021 her work was published in ‘’De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender’’ (The Large Dutch Art Calender). Her work is addedto the collection of the Artphy Foundation (Groningen) and the foundation: ‘What Art can do’ (Amsterdam).

The work of Anne-Will Lufting moves between painting and sculpture. Folded tarpaulin is the basis for colors that are separated by a perfectly straight line. Chaos and order keep each other in balance, where one color defines the other. Earlier this year she exhibited her work at the North Sea Jazz Festival at Rotterdam.

My work is based on two principles: fundamental painting, which is about formal aspects such as color, shape, size and material, and my fascination for crunches and folds. In my work I'm questioning the body of the canvas and redefining the function of painting. What is painting? Simply put: the application of colored pigments on a canvas. I replace the linen for tarpaulin, which has his own way of bending at certain angles. After the work has been folded into their definite form, they are meticulously painted. Since the material does not have any smooth surface anywhere, this action requires precision and concentration.

The colors I choose refers to my personal favorites: what I find in paintings (like Howard Hodgkin’s amazing color combinations or the shiny objects from Anish Kapoor) and in everyday objects that are around us. Each wall object has the characteristics of a painting, but dreams about being a sculpture. Perfection and imperfection fights for beauty: in combination with the shiny surface, a game of attraction and repulsion is created.


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