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Barbara Höller

(1959, Vienna, Austria). Studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at the University of Vienna (mathematics). Numerous prizes and grants. Participation in several team projects (vakuum, celle), art collaborations and curatorial projects. Since 2016 management of the sehsaal exhibition space in Vienna. Individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad. Lives and works in Vienna and Bazsi (Hungary).

The main field of my artistic interests lays in the field of conception of geometric systems, demonstrated in space installations, objects, paintings, drawings, videos or interventions in the public space.

"Höller´s love of the clear rules and parameters of mathematics as well as ist possibility to depict reality via abstract systems largely define her artistic thinking. Barbara Höller´s creation lies in constructing a system, with a large part of her creative process happening in her head. She puzzles out rules, determines parameters, rethinks, ponders and polishes. Only when the system in her head is perfect (as possible), is it realised." (Clara Kaufmann 2016)


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