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Christina Gschwantner

I love working in series and i am obsessed with colors. Meditatively, I work myself into the paintings, finding just the right moment. Thereby no object is like another-the arrangement and use of color, the use of textures, the condensation, all these different and never repetitive details, - therein lies my interest. The individual objects are painted and reworked again and again - until they reach their total fullness.

These series suggest aspects beyond the visible, revealing moods and feelings: humor, skepticism, happiness, or sadness. I am varying and transforming nuances and details, such as soft pastels that contrast with strong, pure colors. In my latest works the colors have become more vibrant—bright pink, orange, and also neon colors.


CHRISTINA GSCHWANTNER, (Austria, Vienna born 1975), studied arts at the University of applied Arts Vienna. During her studies she did stays in Greece, Mexico and New York. Followed by a one-year residency in Australia. She received the scholarship of the Sussmannstiftung and of the University of applied Arts. Since then she is working as an independent artist.


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