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Julius Gödtel

Personal interests influence my work, even if only subconsciously.
I try to let go of the precision from my thoughts and actions to create space for my intuition. The subconscious determines my gestures on the canvas. I fade out external impulses and let my body move on the canvas building a flow. Movements, which are important in my sport studies, get a superior role during my creative work, because they create a feeling of physical activity and individuality.

So my paintings get a kind of freedom, which should be transferred to the audience. The viewer has the opportunity to see what he wants in my work, to complete the work in his mind and to create his own interpretation. Free spaces in the paintings give more meaning to the smaller elements of the picture and emphasize the importance of the details. In this way, the viewer is invited to let the work affect him, to take the necessary time and to live out his own creativity.


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