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Denise Felber

Denise Felber *1963 is a Swiss artist, living and working in Bern.

Member of the Swiss Society of Women Visual Artists SGBK, board member of Kunstwerkstatt Waldau with many years of experience in art education.

Since 1982 she has regularly realized exhibitions (among others «La Cantonale 2022», Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf&La Nef, St. Ursanne / “La Cantonale 2021”, Kunsthaus Steffisburg / Galerie archivarte, Bern / Galerie Artraktion, Bern / Galerie Tom Blaess, Bern / Bundeshaus, Bern / Galerie katapult, Basel / Galerie Reich, Bern / kulturverein atelier worb / Privatklinik Wyss, Münchenbuchsee / swiss church, London and others).

In her artistic work, she devotes herself primarily to painting and printmaking. She experiments with the production of paint from earth, ash, pigments and other materials and designs her own drawing and painting tools. She works with her own as well as found photos from newspapers, television, archives and detaches them from their original context in order to react to the Abb images in different mixed techniques.


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