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Eva Bodo

I focus on the city itself, its abandoned places, street parts and/or locations in surrounding areas where human intervention left them unfinished, neglected. I often get inspired by Minimalism, which can be recognized in each process step I use while working on a concrete spot. As a multimedia artist, my works encircle photography, sketching, frottage, painting, digitalizing of final paintings into GIFs and reusing of material used for painting for further artworks. A part of my works is done during my own searches of locations onsite, and partially in my studio, based on memories, experiences and material I gathered. outside. You could understand my works as an attempt to point out human intervention into the environment and their subsequent ignorance to the given place after its character/utilization/planning

changes. To the process itself, it starts with location search and its fixing through digital photography exclusively in black and white resolution to avoid influence of color noise from the original shot. After digitally capturing the space, I sketch the given spot, on paper, either with an acrylic marker, ink, or pencil.

Only the main lines, as simple as possible. To have ‘something real’ from these locations, I decided to make prints/frottages from concrete spots with pencil on paper. These prints reflect the true state of the given spot.

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