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Fabián M Hofmann Bonengél

I am a Swiss-born painter, architect and designer, I create visually
striking artworks in addition to my architectural and design projects.
My works, which include conceptual spatial installations, light objects,
graphics, paintings, and sculptures, are known for their signature
high-contrast and intense colors, extreme play of light and shadow,
and use of projection and perspective.

The quasi-mechanistic appearance of the individual image
components, often referred to as "Urban Organs," are arranged in an
almost biological sequence, connected by neuronal-looking networks,
suggesting themes of communication, networking, and

The special foundation of my canvases gives all paintings an inner
glow, as the base color under each layer is UV-activated (but not
fluorescent in the usual sense).

I have received international awards and nominations (36 to date) for
my spatial installations, designs, and graphic works, including
recognition in Germany, Japan, and the USA. In recent years, I have
focused on visual art; for me architecture and art are interconnected.
My work explores different forms of communication and networking,
both in urban and digital spaces and examines the connection of
individuals within society and the different means of communication,
whether analog or digital.


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