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Harsimran Juneja

Rothko stated that a painter’s progression in work, as it travels in time, will be towards clarity. Yet, as you work for a long time, you start to discover how little you know. Life, as we experience it, is full of complexities that create dichotomies - good or bad.

Harsimran’s work investigates these dichotomies and particularly conflict in contexts that are personal, political, social or cultural.

In uncovering, portraying or depicting some of these ideas, Harsimran attempts to draw attention towards ‘self in society’ to offer moments of self-reflection, opportunities to build new perceptions, and chances to reconsider simple questions.

Harsimran’s works follow a visual language that is influenced by Neo-expressionism, dadaism and minimalism, currently existing in the spaces between figurative and abstraction or narrative and abstraction. He is particularly drawn towards the use of texts and recontextualisation of subjects; memory and its relation with objects, things, spaces and people. The texts in his paintings are akin to graffiti on the streets, they tag his paintings and often come out as statements.

A self-taught artist, Harsimran was most recently awarded the third prize in the Notable Artist Award by Artbuzz Studio, India.

Harsimran has recently had two virtual solo shows - b/w desire and reality and Memoirs by and Gallery Mui respectively.

Harsimran’s virtual group shows include Surface The Online Edit, Artbuzz Studios; Stories I Tell Myself, Visionary Art Collective (2022); Group Show, Shrine, New York (2021); When Words Fail, Visionary Art Collective (2021) and more.

Harsimran recently had his first physical solo show titled Moo Point at Pulp Society, India. His physical group shows include Back  of an Envelope, Edgeland Modern (2022); Open House, Artbuzz Studios (2022); Open Call, Gallery 78 (2021); Emerging Reflections, Apparao Galleries (2022). Harsimran lately participated in his first International group show No Dead Artists, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, USA (2021). Born in 1995, Harsimran lives and works in Ahmedabad.


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