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Veronika Bowyer

Australian born Veronika Bowyer’s artistic ability and curiosity captured her imagination from the earliest of memories.
As a painter and sculptor her inspiration encompasses pushing “boundaries” of emotions. This introspection affects her musings as an artist within the creation process, which in turn echoes powerfully to that of the viewer. Bowyer’s interests involve the exploration of the choices we make: our abilities to move forward or stay static, our reflections of past and future, whether we emotionally hinder ourselves or how we emotionally push through invisible barriers.
Bowyer’s connection to the ‘process’ interweaves with the materials themselves evolving into multiple layers overlapping in transparency of light and space. Her works exhibit a delicate quality whist still energetic and bold. Her repetitive movement in the chiselling of stone or the manipulation of flowing paint produces elegantly abstract forms which have a fiercely minimalist aesthetic.

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