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Anne-Marie Olczak

Anne-Marie Olczak is a contemporary abstract painter living in Toronto, Canada. Her work explores colour through the deliberately imposed confines of the grid. Such constraints allow for a methodical exploration of medium, process and the interaction of colour. The grid offers an intriguing dichotomy with both the of limits of it’s structure, but at the same time full of endless possibilities. Pushing within these limits “staying in the lines” but also pushing outside with the juxtaposition of colours and
tones. Working in acrylic demands an immediacy in the process, working deliberately and meditatively as the paint is applied while maintaining the integrity of the details of the canvas. Process and colour are hugely important to how Anne-Marie works.

Recent works use the super saturated colour of Kodachrome slides as a palette starting point. This came out of a desire to push out of what was becoming a comfortable zone of colour. These rich tones offer a challenge in colour preparation and composition as well as a personal dive into the nostalgia offered by the old images on the slides.

Anne-Marie received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and has continued her creative journey through painting and photography. She has selected works in numerous galleries around the Greater Toronto area as well as in collections in the US and Britain. Recently she put on a self-promoted solo show called Grid Work in September 2021 as well as promoting local art through curating group shows in Toronto.


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