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Andrea Eisert

Andrea Eisert is a Cincinnati abstract artist and she is considered one of the finest hard edge painters in the nation. Her primary gallery is at the Pendleton Art Center in the Over the Rhine art district. She is driven by a desire to bring color, beauty and joy into this world. She also wants her art to be bold, dramatic and to have that special WOW factor. Each piece of her art is one of a kind.

One would say that her art is reflective of the 1960s and ‘70s, her growing up years. Those times have had a dramatic influence on her use of vibrant color. Her paintings are smooth, pristine, geometric and hard edge. Andrea wants her art to evoke curiosity, illusion and drama. She loves painting in large scale and her titles usually come from the music she loves.

She has practiced many styles and mediums over the years and has advanced her artistic skill to the international level. She has been the featured artist in nationally recognized galleries, exhibitions and in several prestigious art fairs. She has earned international awards and recognition for her extraordinary work as a hard edge painter. She has also been published in art magazines with distribution to over 120 countries.

She is grateful for the healing power of art and it always brings her to a place of peace and calm. It is fantasy, happiness and joy. She feels powerful and fearless when she paints. Art is life for Andrea.


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