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Ji Eun Lim

I contemplate myself in silence. As a human, who will still be incomplete until dying, I need to reflect, consider, and be aware of myself as I continue to grow older. I have been attempting to look at myself through an objective lens. The process of my work stimulated me to contemplate my values, attributes, emotions, and thoughts which dominate me and ones which I try to pursue on all such occasions.

Geometric shapes, which I have created and developed for a couple of years, originated from the letters of my name both in the Korean language and the English Alphabet. I looked at all the consonants and vowels as abstract geometric shapes and simplified them; the structures visualized are tools of my own pictorial narratives. All the forms, arrangements, and variations represent myself as well as what all human beings can empathize with.

Starting in 2022, visual expressions have been expanding in a wide range of abstract imagery where my perception resonates concerning trivial, but significant, objects with more color choices and variations.


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