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Juan Sacristán

My studies as an artist have been within the graphic arts. However, I have explored painting (mostly acrylic), collage, and sculpture for several years.

Influenced by my graphic language where I generally use the blackness of the ink and the whiteness of paper, my painting has a chromatically limited palette.

I use the multiple tonalities of black and white, with a touch of warm colors. My aesthetics are reflected as an abstract expressionism, gestural, with straight, geometrical strokes that break rigid and vertical structures. I explore everyday life situations through emotions and those that, in a determining moment, disrupt our lives as social groups. In the same way, my emotions and feelings are embodied in my artwork with a strong and intimate relationship with music and poetry.


Juan Sacristán was born in Mexico City in 1959. He studied printmaking at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and specialized in color graphics at the Scuola Lorenzo Di Medici in Florence, Italy.

During his career, he founded the printmaking workshops Gráfica Xochitepec and Ruleta Arte Gráfico in Mexico City, and Taller Tinta Negra at the Museo de la Estampa in Toluca, Estado de México. He currently works in his own workshop, Taller Editorial Ruleta Gráfico, located in Metepec, Estado de México, where he is dedicated to painting, sculpure, collage and printmaking. . His work can be found in te collections of the Museo de Arte Moderno and the Museo de la Estampa, both in Toluca, and the Iconográfico del Quijote in Guanajuato, as well as in private collections in Mexico and abroad.


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