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Katherine Hunt

Katherine attended the University of Minnesota for her BFA in Indigenous American Studies, double minoring in Cultural Psychology and Women's Studies, She received her MFA in Film/Video from California Institute of Arts, with an emphasis while abroad on Curatorial Studies at La Cinémathèque Française, Paris, France. In 2020, Katherine was the recipient of grants from both the Andy Warhol Foundation for The Visual Arts/ Fulcrum Fund Grant and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Exhibiting within the United States and abroad, Katherine currently lives and works in northern New Mexico and is represented by G2 Gallery in Santa Fe.

Inspired by Minimalism's reduction of form and Post-Minimalism material explorations, I paint with fiber, creating quiet yet intricately-detailed geometric work. Fiber adds a tactile material to the language of painting, lifting a line from its conventional two-dimensional plane, animating both its expressive and conceptual potential.

Working with "soft" material adds an uncontrollable spontaneity and impermanence to geometry and, in preserving the line's course using one continuous thread, I record and archive my thought processes, perspectives, and physical movements onto an object outside of myself.

Inspired by the northern winters of my childhood, where landscapes enveloped in the fog of white snow allowed the most nuanced details to become visible, in limiting my palette to shades of white, I create work in which minute variations in tone become perceptible if one allows time for their eyes to adjust (Compare any two whites and watch one appear more blue or pink). In casual observation what appears as simply a "white painting", in patient observation reveals itself not to be monochromatic at all but contains numerous tonal and textural complexities.

The subtleties manifest in the interaction between the piece and its relationship with the space; (the wall, ceiling, floor, light sources). Amidst today's overly-saturated, busy environments, through slowing down with careful examination, this work rewards viewers with a sharpened visual perspective and centered psychological state.


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