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Luis Marin

This quest was born out of my color obsession, and from exploring that
connection with emotions, that it’s so universal. Color is extracted from
street, released from its objective context, cleaned from pollution and
daily noise. Its accesory character is supressed, to turn it into a
protagonist itself, free to resonate with our psyche. Just like a musical
melody. Finally, to find ourselves face to face with a selfless individual,
who doesn’t ask for a previous knowledge, but instead, inviting the
spectator to experiment, feel and levitate.

What is really curious… is that actually yellow, orange, red, purple, blue
or green, they don’t exist outside of us. Colors aren’t more than a product
of our mind. They are a sensation and a personal interpretation of light
waves colliding, just like the chaos that lives in Barcelona. Which is the
city that I have desconstructed while following my everyday routes, to
create then my own universe.

Your red is not my red.

This project has been developed between 2019 and 2023. The exhibition
proposal incluidas the following audiovisual piece, together with a set of
printed images (28x39 inches), so that after watching the audiovisual
piece, the public establishes a different relationship with the printed


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