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Martine Jansen

Martine Jansen’s work is built layer upon layer. Abstract minimalism that is at once delicate and powerful. Martine herself describes her work as "poetic representation with an urge for repetition.”

Inspiration is everywhere and always. I am sensitive to impressions in my surroundings.

For example, the colors of morning light can be very inspiring. There are so many nuances in the light. I find that very moving. Gray is not just any gray. It is made up of hundreds of shades. Blue turns into pink. If you look long enough, you see an infinite palette of colors.

In my work, I translate such a snapshot of color into an abstract composition.

Inertia in the creative process plays an important role. I build up in layers. I first create large, expressive paintings, usually oil on paper, which I cut up and reassemble to the next dimension. Sometimes I use wax or other materials to enhance the layering. So, it's not "you see what you get," but rather that something is at play beneath the surface. Composition is important.


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