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Noosha Golab

My art emerges from a myriad of inspirations, ranging from the depths of my emotions to the vistas of my surroundings. It flows with spontaneity and is dependent on my ever-shifting mood.
My preferred medium is paper, where I explore the nuances of time, space, and memory through a repeated visual language. Each mark on the paper echoes the past and creates a mesmerizing pattern that speaks to the soul.

Noosha Golab, born in 1985 in Tehran, Iran and currently residing in Southern California, sought a departure from her prior intense and inflexible lifestyle as a professional graphic and jewelry designer. This led her to painting, a medium that offered her greater creative freedom.

Golab's artistic style is non-representational, relying on form, shape, color, and texture as fundamental elements of visual expression. Through these elements, she conveys her emotions, perspectives, and unique perception of the world.

She continually explores new techniques, materials, color palettes, and scale and composition to create a dynamic and multi-dimensional effect in her artwork. Golab's minimalist approach allows her to merge these elements seamlessly and create work that is both striking and nuanced. The resulting artwork invites the viewer to engage with it on multiple levels.


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