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Patrick Duffy

The concept of space is the most important role in my process of painting. Paradoxes form on the surface of the canvas, connecting networks of objects and shapes.


I enjoy the dialogue between multiple layers, not just as an exploration of time but really seeing space as a guide for the imagination. Fundamentals can be crucial in learning but it's also a way of reaching for creative thinking and removing limiting barriers. It helps me understand notions of vast distances or different dimensions. For me it's a fun way to perceive new discoveries.


On canvas and paper, with the use of mediums such as ink, flat and glossy acrylic and oil paint, I reconstruct imagery created through multiple sketches and configurations guiding the eye and mind to think of dark solar windswept patterns that are balanced and engaging.

Artist Patrick W Duffy was born 1984 in the coastal town of Blue Hill, Maine and started creating artwork at a very early age. He explores themes of space, theoreticals, science fiction, and describes his work as visions of the past. Patrick received his BFA from Pratt Institute in 2006, living and working in Brooklyn, NY for the next 17 years being part of a
multitude of shows in New York, New England and Houston, TX. Publications include The New York Times, “Things to See in the Hudson Valley” for the exhibition “Intricate Realities” at the Catskill Arts Society in 2016, as well as “Creating in Color” for Trouvé Magazine Volume 3 in 2015.


Since 2019, Patrick has resided in Austin, Texas


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