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Selma Dronkers

In my drawings I’m not aiming for a fixed result. My focus is on the process itself. The best place to work from is a state of not knowing, as it allows for the emergence of fresh discoveries.I believe in temporality, in the ever-changing order.

For more than ten years now, I live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, working several months each year at sea aboard my sailing boat. This deep connection with the sea has a strong impact on my artwork, as I navigate ever-changing environments where nothing is as it seems.

Attentiveness and time are of great importance while the drawing slowly unfolds.

The drawings, made with markers, consist of many intricate lines.
Viewers are encouraged to concentrate on one or a few layers at a time, rather than attempting to perceive all layers simultaneously.

With my drawings I hope to provide different perspectives to the viewer.

Currently living and working in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and partly on my sailing boat at sea

1979-1984 Art academy Nijmegen
1984-1986 Art academy Arnhem
Educated in lithography and classical drawing
Chairwoman of the Balloting committee Dutch association of Drawers


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