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Ulla Hasen

With my visual worlds I try to sound out the deeper roots of language. For in the beginning there was not the Word, but patterns and gestures that have to be deciphered in order to find one's way as an individual in the world and to assert oneself. My work is therefore based on the assumption that patterns and gestures - despite all cultural differentiation - are readable in basic features, because they are inscribed in our biological system. I start paintings without intention and observe what is happening in front of me until the white surface with traces of color begins to speak to me. I am driven by curiosity as to what will unfold before me this time, as the "first reader", so to speak, and by the hope that other people will find their way into the narrative stream of the picture, each with their own background of experience. I understand my pictures - just like language in its poetic dimension - as resonance spaces. They therefore usually have no title, because they do not want to explain themselves, but in their openness to meaning invite to feel what energies are inherent to the colors and shapes, and perhaps to translate this into one´s own verbal language.


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