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Virginia McArdle

Virginia McArdle has been working with marks since the 80’s, marks found in landscape, on the body, in our memory and the marks left by others.

'‘…….they can act as codes for us to classify and understand our world, to navigate our path and govern our behaviour. '‘

In recent works the chaotic and destructive nature of war, Rare Earths and the myth of Behemoth and Leviathan are examined.

Her choice of materials are particular to each work . Substrates include Japanese papers, found boards, ply and fabric from a collection made across 40 years. Her practice of customising tools to draw, paint and print with are an important element in the work.

Her paintings, prints and fine art bindings have been widely exhibited internationally and she has begun to publicly show work again after an hiatus of fifteen years.

Her work is mainly held in private collections.

St.Martin’s School of Art London 1974-1978
Royal College of Art London 1978-1981


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