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Victoria J.A.

A continuously evolving process, inspired by the collective significance of symbols, language, and an exploration of theunconscious.

The work develops through subtleties, moving between the tangible and intangible, memory, feeling and time.
Elements of numerology, markings and notations resonate intuitively, and often integrate as connective threads throughout the works. Simultaneously communicating and withholding, serving as sources of depth and mystery that find their place through the form and materials of the artwork. Musical symbols and notations inspire the process as
they embody a specific yet intuitive language of cadence, rhythm and soulfulness. Navigating my own processes of perception, these elements allow for play with time and space, and combine as offerings of expansiveness and fusion of creative expression.
The hands-on work with the materials is integral to the process, in particular attending to how fragments and imperfect or worn elements come together as a sort of alchemy. In this way, much of the work unfolds like a musical composition or narrative, through a felt process that transcends the physical work of art itself.
Blended and woven materials; paint, pastel, ink, graphite, pencil, and thread, and experimentation with texture, color and space allow for the unfolding of a distinctive dialogue that is rarely fixed.
Victoria is a mixed media artist currently residing in New York, NY. Her work is on view at local exhibition spaces in Manhattan as well as in design showrooms in France and the UK.

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