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Ūla Gečaitė

Born in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am an artist with a focus on minimalistic non-figurative colorfield art. I analyze the interaction of color and feeling, time and direction. I consider how consistent nature of observation practices may influence the painterʼs perception of the color. I explore the frequencies of the painterʼs states of mind, the space between imagination and reality. I document the change of my personal time with conceptual monochrome paintings and installations. Using an abstract and laconic form I depict ephemeral natural phenomena - creating
colored windows into zones of excitement and silence.
An integral part of my creative process is the daily synesthetic-aleatory study of random colors (8 years project code 8, or color alchemystarted from 02 12 2014: 8 daily colors are chosen blindly.) The works on paper are made in response to daily random colors. The paintings on canvas are made slowly from multiple layers of acrylic paint, into their own presence and radiance of color. I am working with ink, color pencil graphite and acrylic on eco - paper and canvas. The painting itself is a meditative process.

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