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Clara Lemos

Clara is a self-taught Portuguese artist currently based in Berlin. With a master’s degree in nutrition sciences and a PhD in human biology, Clara has worked as a cancer researcher all her life. Despite being an art lover for as long as she can remember, it was not until the beginning of 2021 that she decided to create her own art. In the middle of a global pandemic and going through a period of maternity leave,
Clara felt an immense need to cope with all the outside stress and anxiety and find a place of her own. Her art became her quest for inner balance

Clara’s work is an attempt to express her subjective concept of beauty – it takes a great deal of inspiration from her emotional states, but also from the most ordinary and mundane little things. It is about giving context and meaning to all the forgotten details. She is particularly drawn to the imperfect beauty of the walls all over Berlin. Random marks, irregular textures, leftover paper, have all become key features of her work.
As a self-taught artist, she does not feel bound to any conventions or rules and truly enjoys the freedom and intuitive nature of her creative process. She loves the endless possibilities, the surprises, the
Clara uses primarily acrylic paint, but she often adds other media to her paintings as well, including pencil, pastels, charcoal, and all kind of found materials such as fabric, cardboard, paper, thread. While she is very
much drawn to black and white minimalism, her work is commonly enriched by texture and some spurs of color.


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