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Yan Wang

As an artist, I engage myself in the process of printmaking, creating images that collaborate with the unique print mediums and reflect my themes of visual languages. Printmaking is a process based on physical materials, of not only how to control, but to adapt and absorb the visuals into my own art practices. I believe that the print mediums convey my experimental approach and thorough understanding of an artist's process.

My works focus around expressing grief and feminist perspective, with a softer approach cooperating the washy texture of lithographic tuche, and the layering of oil-based ink monotypes. I use metaphorical symbols, such as garden and flowers that commonly represent the relationship between a collective and the individuals within, to create narratives reflecting my
own background and identity. The characters in my works carry larger meanings than their individuality, and often aim to express feelings that connect the audiences.

To me, printmaking is a partner in art, not just tools to be dominated.

The variation of textures carry out my visual narratives, hook me with their unique charms, and I aspire to capture them whether I’m working with monotype, intaglio, collagraph, or lithography. I believe that contemporary art in printmaking can be better communicated to a wider range of audiences.


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