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Beate Muench

Beate Muench is a visual artist, born in Mannheim, lives and works in Mainz(Germany).
Abstract art means to her the highest way of freedom. The creative expression for her is not a question of will but of have to.
Muench's work style belongs to abstract expressionism. Inspiration she finds within herself and in nature mostly. Every artwork includes something very personal from her. In the creative process she is guided by her intuition.

She forgets about time and space and lives in the very moment. There is no planning for her paintings. She totally trusts the process. Layer by layer a new art work is made with dynamic and powerful colors. At any moment the whole work can change. The work is free and in flow. On the canvas all her emotions find expression. Negative emotions will be transformed into something positive by the working process. Every single work starts a dialogue with the people and the rooms. Conversations begin.

Muench's art not only spreads positive vibes, but gives also energy, strength and courage.

Her favorite materials are acrylics and structure paste applied with brushes and spatula on the canvas or paper. To set courses oil pastel crayons, colored pencils and charcoals are used.

There is a lot of room for interpretation in her paintings. By their versatility and complexity they always appear different. So the viewer is motivated to hold on and to feel and hear inside and to stand to the own values and objectives. This leads directly to more lightness and openness for other and new perspectives.


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