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John Holland

John Holland is a Toronto-based artist that embraces the theme of reinvention. In his paintings, abstract compositions expand into more complex installations as he pairs groups of finished work to create new shapes and forms long after the paint has dried.
In this way, he works with a composition that's continually updating – the end of one painting is always in conversation with something new. This physical process of ongoing compositional dialogue directly correlates with the tools and platforms of digital media that are endlessly versioned and evolving.
John received his MFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in 2020 and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and New York.

John’s work has been featured in Angell Gallery’s Project Space for his Solo Exhibition, The Mirror of the Machine, in 2018. His group exhibitions include Winston Wächter’s Platform 2020, Pari Nadimi Gallery’s Decadence, and Angell Gallery’s The Anxious Body.
John is currently based in Toronto, Canada


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