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Margret Trimborn

These three words describe my impulse creating abstract art.
If my artworks permanently donate happiness in the same way I feel
during creating the artwork, my mission is completed and I am blessed.
Nature is my most dominant source of inspiration. But also details of old
industrial buildings, steel bridges of abandoned architecture especially if
it is combined with traces of erosion or rust can be so inspiring for
shapes, combinations of colors.
Also the spontanous decision for a special song when starting a new
artwork inspires and effects my mostly expressive and dynamic creative
I often work in series while each painting inspires the others.
My preferred material is acrylic, but I also use oil colours, oilpastels,
charcoal, grafit, pigments - not only to generate special effects but also
to apply voltage into the composition.
Particularly in my colour-reduced, nearly monochrome works I often use
ashes, marble dust or other material.

I was born and grew up in Bonn (Germany). Due to my family’s interest
in art I started visiting museums and art exhibitions as teenager. I
studied history of art and archeology in Bonn and Vienna (Austria) but
decided later to start additional studies in economics and my career in
the financial industry. In 2009 I started getting individualized personal
instruction in abstract painting, followed by taking part in courses in
various academies and summer camps in Germany and Austria to learn
different technics and find my own style. Art and painting are my
passion, so I decided to switch from my analytic profession to my love
for being creative and live what means one of the most fulfilling things in
my life.

I am Frankfurt (Germany) and Vienna (Austria) based. My works are
shown in single and group shows in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg
and can be found in public collections and the homes of international


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