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Petra Schott

Petra Schott is a German abstract painter. She lost her mother in early
childhood and grew up missing emotional warmth. During her stressful law exams, she discovered painting and decided to enrol in Fine Arts Degree. Petra became a judge but continued participating in solo and group exhibitions. In 2014, she stopped working in the legal field and has since attracted the attention of national and international galleries, art critics, and collectors. She weaves personal and collective memories from her daily life into shapes, marks and lines, creating an abstract language of painting that oscillates between lyrical abstraction and figurative references. Art curator Nell Cardozo wrote: “There is a generous intimacy in Schott’s use of colour that coaxes out a subtle interplay between comfort and longing.

Looking into them is like looking into a dream that belongs to some common consciousness.” Petra Schott regularly exhibits nationally and internationally.

"My paintings border between abstract and figurative art. They are
associative and inspired by inner images and visions, entering into
a deep conversation with the viewer. For a long time in my life working as a judge and lawyer, I was challenging my left hemisphere. As a painter, I want to find balance and bring all the wealth of my right hemisphere into my paintings. I scribble into my paintings, transferring my thoughts, associations and memories on the surface, thus creating a meta-level different from my paintings' visible shapes and colours. I start with colours, forms and associations, a poem in mind or a situation, the
season, music or my mental state. Then a magical moment occurs, and the painting reveals itself to me; the shapes and colours become more explicit, and I take it up from there until the piece is completed."


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