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Samantha Malone

Samantha Malone’s (b. 1978) artworks are an exploration into her own personal narrative. They encompass both her childhood memories growing up in Australia and her current experiences living in Israel through political and cultural conflicts. Through her contemporary paintings, characterized by patterned layers and occasionally geometric elements, she intertwines the threads of her life’s journey with the pleasure and solace she finds in painting. 


Samantha’s creative journey has been defined by her self-taught approach, involving a combination of intuition and experimentation. She works primarily with acrylic paints, often employing mixed media techniques by layering the artworks with oil pastel, ink and pen.  She enjoys exploring different techniques and mediums to create depth and visual interest. The process often involves layering and building up on the canvas, allowing each piece to evolve organically over time. 


Samantha’s abstract compositions invite the viewers to explore the interplay of emotions, memories, and the human condition within the environment. She evokes a sense of movement and energy, reflecting her own interpretations of her surroundings and her place within them. 


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